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Sanitas Skin Care

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  SanĂ­tas believes that natural is nice but BIOGENIC is better! "Natural" is marketing jargon. To a chemist, everything is natural, including poison ivy and cow manure! Biogenic ingredients are substances found in biology and naturally found in the skin. These ingredients respect millions of years of evolution and leverage existing reactions in the body so only a small amount is needed to enhance biochemistry. SanĂ­tas products contain mainly biogenic active ingredients such as PCA, squalane, alpha hydroxy acids, hyaluronic acid and vitamins.


Cleansers * Toners * Masks * Moisturizers * Treatments * Sun Protection * Body Care


These are a few of our best sellers. Don't see what you're looking for? We can easily special order something for you at no extra charge. Click here for our Sanitas special order form.



Glycolic Citrus Cleanser

* Alpha Hydroxy Acid stimulates skin
* Biosacharrides provide anti-aging benefits
* Exfoliates, removes dirt, oil and makeup
* Results in even tone, firmer skin and smoother texture



150 ML

Lemon Cream Cleanser

* Gently cleanses while delivering Hyaluronic Acid and anti-oxidants
* Vitamin C protects, heals skin and stimulates collagen production
* Vitamin E moisturizes, aids in tissue repair, protects from environmental stress



150 ML

Salicylic Herbal Cleanser

* Soap-free cleanser designed to fight breakout-prone, blotchy, uneven skin
* Salicylic Acid dissolves sebum, exfoliates skin
* Anti-bacterial properties help eliminate blemish-causing bacteria
* Arnica, Lavender and Tea Tree Oil soothe, soften and heal



150 ML


Glycotoner 5%

* Glycolic Acid exfoliates skin and can help minimize appearance of pores
* Softens fine lines, lightens hyper-pigmentation
* NaPCA helps hydrate skin
* Anti-bacterial, non-comedogenic properties & physician potent low pH



120 ML

Hydrating Toner

* Helps prepare dry, sensitive skin for moisturizing
* Polysacharrides mildly exfoliate, improve skin immunity, anti-aging properties
* Polyhydroxy Acid minimizes pores, helps soften fine lines and wrinkles
* Minimizes pores, helps soften fine lines and wrinkles



120 ML

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Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

* Fresh Pumpkin contains exfoliating enzymes that soften and even skin tone
* Hyaluronic Acid promotes wound healing and softens skin
* Vitamin C protects and heals skin
* Vitamin K improves circulation and minimizes bruising and redness
* Improves circulation and accelerates skin tissue regeneration
* Helps lighten hyperpigmentation and stimulates collagen production



60 ML

Papaya Pineapple Mask

* Cream mask softens skin through enzymatic exfoliation
* Papaya and Pineapple enzymes dissolve dead skin, sebum and dirt
* Helps even skin tone and texture
* Overnight use can help soften calloused hands and feet



60 ML

Vita-Rich Mask

* Essential Fatty Acids speed healing and supports cell growth
* Vitamin A improves texture and firms skin
* Vitamin D improves skin healing and immunity
* Vitamin E reduces skin redness and irritation
* Delivers soothing and healing skin nutrition
* Accelerates healing and minimizes the appearance of aging skin
* Soothes and softens irritated or dry rough skin
* Minimizes the effects of photo damage and environmental toxicity


60 ML

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Moisture Mist

* Hydrating spray improves spreadability and penetration of moisturizers
* Allantoin, Hyaluronic Acid, Beta Glucan, NaPCA hydrate, soften and slow aging processes
* Stimulates skin Uv defense


150 ML

Vita-Rich Serum

* Vitamins and Squalane protect, heal and moisturize the skin
* Helps prevent effects of aging, photo damage, and environmental toxicity
* Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamins A, C, D, E and K nourish skin


30 ML

Topical C

* Delivers a concentrated dose of Lipophilic Vitamin C
* Aids in fine line reduction, accelerates healing and minimizes scarring
* Vitamins A, C and E work together to moisturize and soften skin
* Great lip balm and first aid remedy


50 ML

Oil Free Moisturizer

* Light moisturizer hydrates and conditions acne-prone or oily skin
* Vitamin A, a powerful anti-oxidant, protects and heals
* Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane help hydrate and soften


50 ML

Vitamin C Moisturizer

* Light moisturizer delivers anti-oxidant and anti-aging benefits
* Lipophilic Vitamin C softens and smoothes the skin


50 ML

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Drying Lotion

* Topical nutrients help dry excess oil and reduce sebum
* Leaves skin smooth, soft and dry witout causing flakiness or irritaion
* Helps speed healing of broken or blemished skin


35 ML

Essential Eye Essence

* Vitamin A, Vitamin C, CoQ10 and Red Algae hydrate, tighten and smooth skin
* Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil blend provide much needed moisture to the sensitive eye area
* Additional nutrients act as anti-inflammatories to help reduce puffiness


15 ML

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Sun Protection

Solar Block

* A light sunscreen with hydrating agents to moisturize and protect the skin with anti-aging and wound healing properties
* Moisturizes without oil, absorbs quickly leaving no residue
* Micronized Zinc Oxide and Vitamin C act as a UV block and healing aid
* Natural enzymes maximize sun protection


120 ML


Body Care

Vitamin C Body Lotion

* Moisturizing body lotion nourishes skin leaving it soft and supple
* Natural Phospolipids ensure absorption
* Hyaluronic Acid keeps skin hydrated and helps speed healing


235 ML

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